Renewable Energy

Saving energy is good for Staples and for the environment.

While Staples’ energy reduction Initiatives are contributing substantially to a decrease in our impact to the environment, the Staples’ Energy Team is making strides to shrink that footprint even further by increasing the proportion of renewable energy we produce and purchase. Staples is producing its own solar power, using fuel cell technology, and purchasing green power through the EPA’s Green Power Partnership.


Renew Solar

Staples solar program is extraordinary with a total inception to date of 34 installations providing more generating 55 million Kwh of clean energy for Staples facilities. This amount of clean energy could power 140 Staples Retail Stores for an entire year.

In April 2013, Staples launched its’ 37th solar array and the latest example of Staples’ long-standing commitment to environmental sustainability. The solar installation at the Global Headquarters in Framingham, MA brings the company’s use of solar power to a total of nearly 14 megawatts across its operations nationally.

Fuel Cells

Renew Fuel

Staples operates a 300 kW fuel cell that supplies 90% of the base building electrical requirements for our facility in Ontario, CA.

In early 2012, we completed the installation of a 600 kW fuel cell at our distribution center in Rialto, CA.

The fuel cells in both locations are through Bloom Energy and are complemented by solar installations through SunEdison.


Electric Vehicles

Staples has installed 8 electric vehicle charging stations in the Headquarters parking garage for associate use.

Drieves can view all usage history including: start & end times, energy (kWh) used and greenhouse gases saved.

5 electric vehicle stations are now installed at two Staples retail locations.